IMG_4167Driving to the Wedding Ceremony

We have done a little research to find the best parking and for our guests who will be driving to the ceremony. The ceremony address is 1403 SW Harbor Way Portland, OR 97201. Guest drop-off and valet services are at 1510 SW Harbor Way Portland, OR 97201. See discount parking options on the map below.

• If you live nearby or are staying at a nearby hotel such as the Marriott Waterfront (preferred wedding hotel), the RiverPlace, or other close-by hotel, we recommend leaving your vehicle and either use public transportation, walk or take a cab to the ceremony site.

• For guests who feel they must have their car at the reception site in Silverton, please consider taking one of the morning shuttles we have arranged for you rather than driving to the ceremony. NOTE: There is very limited space for parking at the reception location.

• For those of you driving to the ceremony here are a few great parking options. If parking in Portland, please remember we are providing transportation to the reception and back. Your vehicle may be parked for several hours.

Parking Options at the Ceremony Location:

1. As guests to our wedding event you can use the valet parking (first come first serve) at the RiverPlace Hotel located on the edge of the park closest to our ceremony location. They are the hosts of our post-ceremony cocktail celebration and would be happy to offer you access to the following parking lots in addition to their valet services.

Click the map below to enlarge it.

NOTE: this map is not oriented by North, South, East, West. For reference RiverPlace Hotel is at the North with SW Harbor Dr. to the West of the hotel, and U-Park lot is South of the ceremony location. There is a lovely waterfront path you can use.

Parking near RiverPlace Hotel and Three degrees Restaurant

2. There are also several parking options available to the West of the park as seen in the maps below. The parking centers called “SmartPark” or “City Center Parking are the recommended locations with lower prices and reliable facilities. The closest SmartPark being at 123 SW Jefferson


Parking at the Reception:

We have very limited parking available at the reception location. These spaces are going to be reserved for family and friends living in the Silverton area. If you would like to have a seat reserved on one of the two morning shuttles from Silverton to the ceremony location, please contact us for details and to reserve your seat.

For those who will be staying in the Portland area on June 13th we strongly discourage driving to the reception. We have arranged transportation for all our guests to get from the Ceremony / Cocktail Celebration to the Reception Dinner Site. Please allow us to chauffeur you around for both convenience, and so that we can all celebrate and return home safely after. See the Shuttle Schedule here.

Thank you,

❤ Laura & Daniel

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