About Us

IMG_2292LB (Laura Burke)
Portland, OR

I’m originally from the east coast. I was born in Puerto Rico, but grew up on the Connecticut shoreline. I am a freelance marketing consultant and small business manager for several clients around the world. I love to travel, find unique restaurants, take long walks on the Portland waterfront, hike into the woods for a few days, watch my garden grow, but best of all I love spending time with my Daniel.

P1090280Danny (Daniel Lucht)
Portland, OR

I like playing with Laura, and spending time chilling on the couch watching movies or reading books.

Daniel is a smarty pants! He was born and raised in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. He works as a foreman for Pro Grass, a landscape and construction company, and has a degree in Hospitality Management. He’s witty, bright, and loves to tickle me all the time which totally drives me nuts, in a good way of course.

How We Met

Technically Dan and Laura met at a Match.com “Stir Event”. They are live events where you have the opportunity to meet other singles who are on match.com. There is a whole lot to this story, but we’ll keep it short for now.

One day a tall young man named Dan decided to attend a match.com “Stir Event” before his membership had run out. He wasn’t too impressed by online options or the people there, but noticed an attractive young woman across the room who was getting a lot of attention. Too shy to break up the conversation, he worked on finishing his drink to leave instead. Little did he know the woman noticed him looking bored and decided she wanted to talk to him instead of humoring the short bearded Portland men who seemed to think they would be perfect together.

Once the woman noticed Dan she couldn’t help but want to introduce herself, so she parted the Bearded Seas and walked right toward him. As soon as he realized she was headed his way he gave her the biggest smile she’d ever seen and she was hooked from that day forward.

There is a bit more to the story of course, but that’s all for now. If you are able to come to the wedding you might get to hear how the woman was pulled away from Dan by her friend just a few minutes after they met. Still they beat the odds and had their first date on July 4th, 2013.

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