Thank You! The speech I never made…

15-0613burke-blog-5What a wonderful wedding day we had! When it came time to give my “thank you” speech I was not prepared, I left my written notes in the hotel and drew a complete blank after Cassie finished her amazing speech. It was a tough act to follow. So, I wanted to take a moment to tell you what I had intended on saying that day. Here it goes…

If you told me three years ago I would find the man of my dreams, get swept away in love, and marry him less than two years later, I would not have believed you. I might have even laughed at your suggestion. But here I am, a married woman; married to an affectionate, generous, intelligent, and handsome man who has proven he is perfect for me in every way. Thinking back on the time between our first meeting and today I can honestly say we have found something uniquely incredible, and we truly are the luckiest people in the world. 

We were thrilled to be able to share our luck with you. On each of the wedding favors we included a real four-leaf clover to bring you luck along with this Irish Blessing. “May good luck be with you wherever you go, and your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.”


When I think of all the hard work that went into our day I am most amazed by those who helped make it all come together. To my new Mother and Father (Les and Deb), I am so excited to be a part of your family! Thank you for raising the man I love, and for being not only supportive, but for working so hard to make an already beautiful place even more gorgeous for our special day. Your love shows in everything you helped us create from the gazebo, cafe lights, fountains, and planter baskets, to the table runners, pillows, and the wood rounds on all the tables. It’s perfect. Thank you!

15-0613burke-blog-13Mom, Rob, we would not be standing here as Husband and Wife if it had not been for your part in helping me find my way to being the confident woman I am today. My emotional journey was difficult, but your care and guidance though it all made me feel deserving of the love I share with Daniel. It seems fitting that your gift to us be to capture this day from beginning to end so that we always have a way to relive our journey and to see ourselves so strong and confident together. Thank you!

Cassie, as my maid of honor you rocked it! You spent days, nights, and some entire weekends working on the DIY projects that you saw at the wedding. The wooden photo stands, silverware pockets, favors, and of course the giant chalkboard signs. Not to mention if I asked you to jump, you would have said “How high, and in which direction, and how many times?” Honestly you went above and beyond what a friend should ever be expected to do. You even told me I wasn’t a bridezilla, but I know that’s probably just your amazing ability to see our friendship as a whole package. Thank you!

15-0613burke-blog-17Dan and I are so grateful to our entire wedding party for many years of friendship for traveling from near and far to be a part of our wedding day, and for working together to make it all happen the way I dreamed it would. Each of you means so much to us, it was impossible to imagine having this day without you. Even in the beginning when Dan and I talked of a small simple ceremony on the beach somewhere, you were all included. We would have done anything to make sure you were there with us!

Thank you for more than 100 combined years of friendship!

15-0613burke-blog-16Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you goes out to all those we enlisted to make our special day happen so beautifully. This includes Jim Burke, my Uncle the Ordained Dudeist Priest, the DJ’s – Dave and Susan Lucht, the special family and friends who supplied the tasty desserts (you know who you are), and all the vendors we hired: Nadia Ly and her team at Creations by Ly, Wil Hansen from White Pepper Catering, Kay Dietl of Flowers For You, Matt from Smile Photo Booth, the crew from West Coast Events and Barclay Event Rentals, Marc and team from Moving Pictures, Seppi and assistant from Powers Studios, Whit from Sunshine Limo Company, the First Student drivers, Ange of Rhythm Bodyworks, the staff at Three Degrees Restaurant, and Jasmine and Rachel from Blossom & Beauty hair and makeup. Truly amazing work from them all!


Parking Options

We have done a little research to find the best parking options for our guests near the ceremony location: 1403 SW Harbor Way, Portland, OR 97201.

• If you are staying at a nearby hotel such as the Marriott Waterfront (preferred wedding hotel), the RiverPlace, or another close-by city hotel, we recommend leaving your vehicle with those venues and either walking or talking a cab to the ceremony site.
• For guests who live south of Portland or are near Silverton, please consider parking at the reception location and taking the shuttles we have arranged for you.
• For those of you driving to the ceremony, here are a few great parking options. If parking in Portland, please remember we are providing transportation to the reception and back. Your vehicle may be parked for several hours.

1. As guests at our wedding event, you can use the valet parking (first come first serve) at the RiverPlace Hotel located on the edge of the park for our ceremony location. They are the hosts of our post-ceremony cocktail celebration and would be happy to offer you access to the following parking lots in addition to their valet services. Continue reading

Wedding Shuttle Services and Schedule

Our hope is to make sure our guests travel safely, so we have arranged transport for you on our big day. We are very limited on parking at the reception location so choosing a shuttle option and using the buses is very important to us. For all guest convenience the following arrangements have been made.

Limo bus 2For those who live in or are staying near Silverton, OR:
We have prearranged a fun party bus limo shuttle service to bring guests from Silverton, OR to the ceremony location in Portland. You don’t have to drive, and you will have your car available at the reception location when you are ready to leave at the end of the festivities. We are limited to the number of parking spots and seats available, so please contact us to reserve your spots. (Laura @ 971-221-6234 or via email at

For those who live near or are staying in the Portland, OR area:
We suggest parking at one of these locations (See Parking Options) for the duration of the wedding day, which will be from about 2:30 pm to as late as 11:30pm depending on the return shuttle you take from the reception back to Portland.

Shuttle and Event Schedule:
From Silverton to Portland
10:30 am Departure from 7051 River Bend Dr. NE, Silverton, OR 97381 – Arrival in Portland at approx. 12:00 pm
1:15 pm Departure from 7051 River Bend Dr. NE, Silverton, OR 97381 – Arrival in Portland at approx. 2:30 pm Continue reading